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Syngonium Pink Splash

‘Syngonium Pink Splash’ is an ornamental plant known for its bright leaf patterns. I will explain about this plant below. […]

Syngonium bold allusion

‘Syngonium bold allusion’ is a very hardy houseplant suitable for growing indoors. I will explain it below. Growth size: Typical […]

Syngonium Batik

I will explain about “Syngonium Batik”. Growth size: “Syngonium Batik” grows like a vine and can easily reach over 2m […]

Syngonium pink splash

“Syngonium Pink Splash” is an ornamental plant with impressive pink-patterned leaves. I will explain it below. Growth size: height about […]

Syngonium T24

Growth Size: Syngonium is a climbing houseplant that can grow up to 24 inches. Suitable temperature: Syngoniums are generally sensitive […]