July. 2024 「Cece Cafe」 Coming Soon! *Due to delays in kitchen construction, we have postponed the opening of Cece Cafe to July. thank you.

Cece Cafe Coming Soon!

cece cafe

Certainly! Cece Farm is opening “Cece Cafe,” where you can enjoy rare indoor plants, shop, and indulge in high-quality coffee and meals. The cafe is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in mid-July 2024. We source genuine Chiang Mai coffee beans directly from an organic farm in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai coffee is renowned for its aromatic flavor and is currently gaining popularity in Asia. We invite you to savor this delightful coffee. We also offer wholesale and international shipping services, so feel free to inquire. Additionally, our farm owner is an experienced chef who honed their skills at Japanese restaurants for 13 years. You can look forward to delicious meals as well. Stay tuned for detailed menu information, which will be announced on our page soon!