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Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegated

“Epipremnum pinnatum” is a tropical climbing plant also known as “dragon tail plant”. This plant is sometimes confused with a similar plant in the same family, Epipremnum aureum (also called pothos, money plant). Both have glossy green leaves and grow vigorously in warm environments.

Now let me explain about “Epipremnum pinnatum”.

Growth size: Grows to a height of over 2m and a leaf size of over 80cm.

Suitable temperature: 15℃~25℃

Rating (1 to 5 stars):
Heat resistance: 3 stars, somewhat strong.
Cold resistance: 2 stars, weak. In environments where the temperature is below 10℃, please grow it in a warm, sunny room.
Drought resistance: 4 stars strong.
Tolerance to sunlight: 4 stars. Strong, but if planted in the ground, the leaves will grow more beautifully if grown in semi-shade.

epipremnum pinnatum variegated อิพิด่างขาว