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Monstera thai constellation

‘Monstera thai constellation’ is a rare and highly prized variety of Monstera deliciosa with cream and green marbled leaves. Its name comes from its cream-colored and green speckled pattern, reminiscent of the constellations. Like the regular Monstera deliciosa, when it matures it develops large fenestrated leaves that bring a tropical feel to any space.

I will explain “Monstera thai constellation” below.

Growth size: Monstera thai constellation grows like a vine, reaching a height of over 2m and a leaf size of over 80cm.

Suitable temperature: 15℃~30℃

Heat resistance: 5 stars (highest), strong
Cold resistance: 1 star (minimum) Weak If the temperature will be below 10 degrees Celsius, make sure you have a warm place to store it indoors in advance.
Dry resistance: 3 stars (medium), average
Resistance to sunlight: 4 stars (high) It is resistant to sunlight, but please avoid direct sunlight as it may burn the leaf spots. Also, avoid environments with low lighting as this may cause the spot pattern to reverse. Light semi-shade is ideal.

*Sap from monstera leaves and stems is slightly toxic. Please be careful not to allow children or pets to put it in their mouths.

Monstera thai constellation