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Musa Siam Ruby banana กล้วยแดงอินโด

I will explain “Musa Siam Ruby”.

How big will it get when it grows? The height is over 2m, and the leaf size is over 1m20cm.

Suitable temperature: 15℃~30℃

Heat resistance: 5 stars (highest), strong
Cold resistance: 3 stars (medium), normal, in locations where the temperature is below 5℃, please keep it indoors.
Drought resistance: 4 stars (good) Strong Musa Siam Ruby has excellent drought resistance, but it also loves water, so please water it more on hot or dry days.
Sunlight resistance: 4 stars (good) Sunlight resistance is quite high and can even withstand direct sunlight in midsummer. Also, it is a plant that requires constant sunlight, so place it in a sunny place as much as possible.

11 08 2022

Musa Siam Ruby banana กล้วยแดงอินโด