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Syngonium Batik

I will explain about “Syngonium Batik”.

Growth size: “Syngonium Batik” grows like a vine and can easily reach over 2m in height. The leaves grow up to about 30cm in size.

Suitable temperature: 15-30°C

Rating (1 to 5 stars):
Heat Resistance: 4 Stars: Resistant to heat.
Cold resistance: 2 stars It is sensitive to cold, so move it indoors on days when the temperature drops below 10℃.
Dry resistance: 3 stars.Dry resistance is average. Just like any other plant, water it when the soil is dry.
Resistance to sunlight: Star 4. It has strong resistance to sunlight, but be careful as direct sunlight will discolor the leaves.

Syngonium Baltic ออมกนกลายไทย