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Syngonium White Knight Albo Variegata

“Syngonium White Knight Albo” is a variety with distinctive bright white and green leaves. The details are explained below.

Growth size: “Syngonium White Knight Albo” grows upward in a vine-like manner, reaching a height of over 2m and a leaf size of over 40cm.

Suitable temperature: 15℃~30℃.

Rating (1 to 5 stars):
Heat resistance: 4 stars. Strong against high temperatures, but avoid extreme direct sunlight.
Cold resistance: 2 stars, weak against cold
Dry resistance: 3 stars. Appropriate humidity must be maintained. Water when the soil surface becomes dry.
Resistance to sunlight: 4 stars Strong. If indoors, a bright window is recommended. If your room does not receive sunlight, consider using a grow light. Also, excessive direct sunlight will damage the leaves and inhibit growth. When planting in the ground, please grow in semi-shade.

*The sap is mildly poisonous, so please be careful not to let children or pets accidentally ingest it.

Syngonium white albo ไหลด่างขาว